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Life Changing for a Child

Successful orthodontics can be life changing for a child

How Does it Work?

16 year old Joshua explains how it all works...

Specialist Orthodontist

The difference between dentists and a specialist orthodontist

Orthodontics In Cardiff For Children & Teenagers

We want to meet you — the sooner the better. At Crocodile we like to see all our patients before they reach eight; it may be that treatment cannot commence for another two years or more but there can be reasons to get started sooner. 

The 2003 Children’s Dental Health Survey found a third of children can benefit from orthodontic treatment, yet many wait for NHS braces and miss their chance for less invasive treatment.

We’ve designed Crocodile for parents who want to give their children straight, healthy teeth for life in the most convenient way.

There’s no waiting list and we’ll be able to offer convenient appointment times.

Our specialist orthodontists will want to assess your child from the time their permanent teeth start coming through because, when teeth and jaws don’t fit together properly, it’s often much easier to fix early on in life.

We get children feeling good about having wonderfully straight teeth, and we think yours will love our mix and match colours. Eve, in the video above, chose pink.

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