Orthodontics for Young People

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Our Private Orthodontic Practice For Children & Teens

Timely orthodontic treatment can have more long term health benefits than arguably any other single medical treatment before your child turns 18 so, as specialists in child orthodontics, we feel we have a responsibility to educate our young patients about what we do.

That starts with building trust, keeping things relaxed and hopefully enjoying their time with us. On their first visit here your child will realise it’s not like a normal trip to the dentist — there are no drills or white coats and everything is done at a gentle pace with plenty of two-way conversation.

The team loves welcoming new patients and, because orthodontic treatment usually takes more than a year, we tend to get quite attached to them! Our favourite thing in the world is seeing a young patient’s confidence steadily improve along with their teeth. That, in fact, is one of the many reasons why we all come to work! Have a look at some our patient testimonial videos to see what kind of experience your child can expect at Crocodile.

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